By Maria Duffy. First published on Sunday 14th March 2010. 4 Comments so far.


Could my life get any better? I’m lying in bed with a good book and my four little angels fussing around me as though I was centre of the universe.

I’ve been so busy lately and sometimes feel guilty that I’m not giving my children the time they deserve. I worry that they’ll resent the fact that I have my head in the computer a lot of the time instead of sitting or playing with them.

But our children offer us unconditional love. They may be little but they seem to understand the pulls of modern day life. I’m not saying it’s an excuse for spreading myself so thin, because it’s not. When my children burst into my room this morning, I vowed I’d do my utmost to spend more time with them. Here’s what happened:


A bang, a crash, another smash,
I try to close my ears.
A scream, a cry, I heave a sigh.
Chaotic, it appears.

I’d love to sneak and take a peek,
but I’ve been warned to stay
tucked up in bed, and read instead,
and celebrate my day.

Then feigning sleep, I hear them creep
to give me their surprise.
They all burst in, with silly grins,
a sight for my sore eyes.

There’s soggy bread, with loads of spread
and coffee that’s too sweet.
There’s chocolate drops (called coco-pops),
to make the feast complete.

Oh what a sight, my pure delight,
I don’t know what to say.
My precious four, whom I adore
shout ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mammys out there.

Maria xx

4 comments so far

  • Maria – perfectly captured! We have all been there… did they stay while you ‘enjoyed’ their feast? I used to be expert of distracting them while I could hide soggy toast to be retrieved for bin later!!!

    • Haha! The breakfasts are getting slightly better as they’re getting older. A few years ago they treated my husband and I to breakfast in bed for our anniversary. They weren’t allowed to use the cooker so we had buttered bread with icecream and sweets. They just kept coming with course after course and sat on the bed while we ate it! You’ve got to love them though!

      Maria x

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