By Maria Duffy. First published on Thursday 4th October 2012. 13 Comments so far.

Be free my love…

I have a friend who’s very sick in hospital at the moment. She’ll never come home. Two days ago, she made the choice to be taken off all the machines that were keeping her alive. Surprisingly, she’s still with us. As I watched her husband sit by her bed the other night, I was reminded of a poem I wrote a few years ago. It seems strangely apt. I’m no poet so they’re just some words from the heart. When I asked people on twitter earlier whether I should post a sad or funny poem, they overwhelmingly voted for funny. I apologise that I’ve gone for sad – it was just something I felt I wanted to post. I promise I’ll follow up very quickly with a funny one.

Be free my love…

Be free, my darling, fly away.
My selfish dreams for you to stay
here at my side were but in vain.
Set free your soul – release your pain.

Don’t fret, my love, or shed a tear,
for I won’t leave – I’ll be right here.
Your hand I’ll hold, I’ll hug you tight
until you breathe your last tonight.

That light you see beyond this place
is there for you, so turn and face
the beauty and the ecstasy.
No looking back – don’t cry for me.

For I will hold you in my heart;
in dreams we’ll never be apart.
The memories that fill my mind
will help me build the strength I’ll find.

Come dark of night, the end is nigh
when angels come from God on high.
So take those wings and chase a cloud.
How brave you are; you make me proud.

I’m broken now for I will miss
the blessing of your joyous kiss.
Though tears do fall, my fears dispel;
It’s not goodbye, it’s just farewell.

Maria x

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