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There’s a woman who came into my life two years ago, when my head was bursting with words and I didn’t know what to do with them. This woman turned my life around by pointing me in the right direction and helping to make me a better writer. I now have one book with publishers and books two and three in the making.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m speaking of Vanessa O’Loughlin from Inkwell. Not only did she help me with the writing side of things but she also made me believe in myself, something I hope will get me where I want to be.

So after a pep talk from her last night when I was feeling a bit down, I decided to turn my pen to one of my other loves – writing children’s poetry. For after all, Vanessa is truly my Fairy God-mother. So this is for Vanessa and all her fairy followers throughout the land. I hope you all enjoy.


In Fairyland enchanted lived
a much loved fairy ruler.
She loved to think of clever ways
to make the kingdom cooler.

Despite the coloured rainbow slides,
and clouds made out of fluff,
she promised all her fairies she’d
invent more thrilling stuff.

“Why don’t we try to write,” she said.
“We’ve lots of tales to tell.
We’ll take the writing world by storm;
our words we’ll duly sell.”

Now Fairy Queen Vanessa was
determined to succeed.
She’d take her fairies all in hand;
with knowledge she would lead.

With pen and paper standing by,
(some even had computers!),
they concentrated really hard,
ignoring kids and suitors.

Those fairies worked so tirelessly;
a blog, a poem, a novel.
They’d aim at publication while
attempting not to grovel!

Now Queen Vanessa soon produced
some real amazing writing.
And agents flocked to see her work.
She found it so exciting.

Alas she felt she’d need to help
each fairy with their task.
And always ready with advice;
they’d only have to ask.

She held amazing workshops where
all fairies came together.
They’d travel from around the land,
regardless of the weather.

She found the best of teachers who
would help them cut and edit.
Her time she shared so selflessly;
you have to give her credit!

Those fairies all produced fine books;
Vanessa was delighted.
She reeled the agents in to look;
the fairies were excited.

She gave her time so willingly
and never once complained.
The other fairies hailed her for
the knowledge that they gained.

While helping everybody to
become the very best,
some agents came to see her work
and really were impressed.

They took her on immediately,
amazed at her ability.
And never doubted even once
her boundless capability.

So Fairy Queen Vanessa who
had made the kingdom brighter,
was hailed across Enchanted Land
as Queen Supreme Crime Writer!

* * * * *

Maria xxx

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