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Friday was a very special day. Two of my very best friends got married to each other and proudly, it was all because I waved my magic wand (well actually there were lots of texts and phone-calls involved but indulge me!).

A little over five years ago I got it into my head that my two friends, Bernie and Dermot, would make a lovely couple. They both knew of each other but had never met. They had a lot in common, including having children of similar ages. Now the words ‘dog’ and ‘bone’ spring to mind; I just wouldn’t take no for an answer when they both declared themselves off the dating scene.

Anyway, following their engagement in New York some months ago, I decided to write a poem for them. I thought I’d post it here to give you an insight into their story.

Bernie and Dermot, I know you won’t read this for a while as you’ll be sunning yourself in Florida and shopping in New York but when you do, I want you to know I love you both and couldn’t be happier for you.


There once lived a princess, so pretty and free,
who shunned every prince that she ever did see.
‘I’m happy alone,’ claimed the proud Princess Ber.
‘I’m too independent – I won’t ever share.’

But Fairy Maria had plans for her friend.
She’d find her a prince who’d be true till the end;
a man who’d convince her that love always wins,
and loneliness ends where forever begins.

Now handsome Prince Dermot just happened to call.
‘Of course,’ thought Maria, ‘this prince has it all.
‘He’s generous, handsome, he’s loving and kind.
He’s perfect!’ she cheered. ‘What a wonderful find!’

Now all that was left was to get them to meet.
But stubbornness proved it a difficult feat.
The princess was ‘busy’; she lived ‘far away’.
The prince, always working, had no time for play!

Determined, Maria arranged for a date.
The Foxhunter Castle would soon seal their fate.
They daren’t refuse such a powerful fairy,
‘cos when she’d get cross she could be super scary!

So one moonlit night Princess Ber was prepared.
She summoned her carriage (she felt really scared!)
At last she arrived at the Foxhunter Castle,
while cursing Maria; ‘it’s all such a hastle!’

But then what she saw caught her interest indeed;
Prince Dermot arrived on his dashing white steed.
She knew it was him – he was so bloomin’ handsome;
so maybe she’d not hold Maria to ransom!

So that was the start of their budding romance.
They threw aside fear and at last took a chance.
The Rochfordbridge Kingdom became their abode.
They promised to cherish the love they bestowed.

As weeks turned to months and those months turned to years,
they shared all their problems, their laughter, their tears.
With Jonothan, Matt, Rachel, Ciara and Eoin,
they knew that they’d never feel sad or alone.

Now secretly Dermot was planning a treat.
He’d whisk Princess Ber off her two dainty feet.
They’d visit New York and have time on their own,
he might even ask her to share in his throne!

They took in the sights and ate food fit for kings.
They shopped till they dropped and bought many fine things.
But top of the bill was their wonderful cruise;
would Dermot propose and would Bernie refuse?

Now fairytales should have us rapt and enchanted,
where magic surrounds us and wishes are granted.
So true to the magic Prince Dermot complied,
and asked Princess Ber to become his sweet bride.

Her eyes filled with tears at the sight that she saw;
her prince on his knee with a ring made of straw.
‘Oh yes,’ was the answer, then kisses galore,
and total contentment like never before.

So there ends my tale of the princess and prince.
They’ve lived in their castle of love ever since.
They share all their problems, their tears and their laughter.
For Dermot and Bernie it’s happy e’er after!

* * * * * * * *

Maria xx

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