By Maria Duffy. First published on Thursday 18th February 2010. 1 Comment so far.


I’m beginning to think I have OCD. It all started this morning when I finally got my manuscript together to send to a publisher. It’s been two years in the making so I actually felt quite tearful when I put everything into the envelope.

So then all I had to do was go down to the post office, buy the stamps and put it in the post. Simple, isn’t it? That’s what I thought.

Well I made my list and I checked it twice, three times, four times…! I made sure I had everything that was required before sealing the envelope. As I was about to leave the house, I began to think that maybe I’d forgotten to put my contact details on the letter. I thought I’d better open it to check. Of course I’d put my contact details on it! I’d ripped the envelope in my efforts to carefully open it so I addressed another, sealed it and managed to get as far as the car. Uh oh! Maybe I hadn’t signed the letter, I thought. It would be rude to send out an unsigned submission. Hmmm! I’d better just check to be sure. Of course I’d signed the bloomin’ letter!

With my third envelope in hand, I headed off to the post office, feeling sure everything was perfect. But what about numbering the pages? I seemed to remember losing the numbers on the pages the last time I cut and pasted a section of the manuscript. Yikes! That wouldn’t do. I really should check. Of course they were numbered! This time I’d managed to open the envelope without tearing it so I just popped everything back into the same package. ‘This is it’, I said to my six year old son, as I handed the envelope to the girl behind the glass screen.

‘Wait, mommy,’ he cried. ‘You’ve got to get it back. It’s wrong.’

‘No, it’s fine now,’ I said to him, realising he’d been witness to my insanity all morning.

‘But mommy, we forgot something.’

The girl, hearing the exchange, handed the envelope back out to me to see if I needed to check it.

‘There, it’s ready now,’ said my little angel, as he placed a kiss on the envelope.

My heart melted. Let’s hope his kiss brings me luck.

Maria x

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  • Hey Maria
    This is such a cute story! I wish you all the success you deserve with your manuscript. I have a great feeling for you and can’t wait to see it on the shelves of the book stores here in Los Angeles!! Lots of love. Rach

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