By Maria Duffy. First published on Thursday 11th February 2010. 9 Comments so far.


Call the police.  Somebody has just stolen the last three hours and I’ve only just noticed!  Holy bananas!  Where does the time go?  I promised myself I’d be in bed at 10pm tonight and it’s almost 1am already!

Anyway, enough moaning.  Who cares if I don’t get enough sleep.  I’ll just take it out on my long-suffering husband tomorrow.  I’m sure I’ll find a towel on the floor or an unflushed toilet – something worthy of a little vent!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a mom to four beautiful children.  I turned 39 just over a year ago (can’t say the ‘f’ word yet!) and decided it was about time I got a bit more serious about writing.  I sat at my computer one day and stared at the screen for about an hour.  Then I began to write… and write… and write.  Gosh, what a wonderful world I discovered.  I’ve always loved words but I never realised I had so many of them in my head just waiting to burst forth!

Now funnily enough, I thought writing was just about writing until, one day, a certain person who shall remain nameless (buy you know who you are Vanessa!) told me I should get connected.  Connected??  Imagine my shock when I realised that my laptop wasn’t just an electric typewriter.  It actually had other uses!

So the wonderful world of Facebook and Twitter was opened up to me and I’ve barely slept since!  This evening I decided I should have a blog.  Of course, since I’m now a computer genius, it would be no trouble for me to set up myself.  Right?  Wrong!  Hence the three robbed hours I referred to earlier on!

Thankfully, I’m sort of up and running here.  I’ve a lot more work to do to make it presentable but I just thought I’d make a start and say hello.  So hello everyone.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading my ramblings.  I’ll try write the next one at a decent hour of the day so that I might make more sense!

Maria x

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