Any Dream Will Do

It seemed harmless at the time – a few white lies here and there to make her life seem more exciting. And as far as thirty-something Jenny Breslin was concerned, it wasn’t as though her online friends would ever find out the truth, right?

But then one night Jenny sends out a drunken message inviting her cyber-buddies to stay at her house in Dublin for a few days. And, as the acceptances start flooding in, Jenny starts to panic…

Where is she going to find the gorgeous boyfriends she’s boasted about? How is she going to convince her online friends that her job at the bank is as glamourous and exciting as she’s led them to believe?

And how is she going to get around the fact that her profile picture is years out of date, and taken in a flattering light?

When Jenny comes face-to-face with her three online friends, it turns out she’s not the only one who’s been stretching the truth. As true identities are exposed, friendships are put to the test. But as Jenny navigates the weekend, she learns that real friendship means accepting people as they are.